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Brown Rice

What Is Thai Brown Rice

brown rice, Thai food ingredient
Brown rice is a reddish brown color and is a very popular Thai food ingredient. You will find that Thai brown rice has very good and long seeds and is exported to U.S and almost every European country. Brown rice is not white rice that is coated with a color, it is infact rice that has not been polished.

Brown Rice, Some Background Information
To understand what is brown rice, we need to first be clear about the structure of a rice seed. Rice seeds when harvested, consist of a stiff upper cover that is called the husk. In order to become edible, every rice seed would have to have the husk removed and this is the first process that is performed on rice that is harvested. Under the husk layer is a thin brown layer that clings tightly to the rice seed and this is called the bran layer. This brown layer is normally removed from the rice seed in a process referred to as 'polishing'. The white rice that we all mormally consume is, rice that has been fully polished.

What Is Brown Rice
We had mentioned that, below the husk layer of the rice seed is a thin brown layer (bran) that appears like a skin tight coating on the seed. The rice seed would not be edible without taking off the stiff husk cover, but the bran layer on the rice seed is edible. Brown rice is rice where the bran layer is left on the rice seeds. Technically it could be referred to as 'unpolished' rice. If you observe Thai brown rice you can find a few grades of brown rice. Certain types keep the entire bran layer while others, are partially polished and leave some portion of the bran on the rice seed. For this reason, brown rice in Thailand sometimes appears as evenly brown colored seeds, but brown rice that is brown and white in patches can also be found.

brown unpolished rice
This magnified image of a brown rice and white rice seed clearly shows the brown bran layer on the seed. It is placed next to a white rice seed that has been fully polished with the bran layer completely taken off.

Is Brown Rice Cooked Differently
There is no major difference between cooking brown rice and white rice, the only extra step that you need to perform is, to soak the rice in water before cooking. The bran layer is a bit firm and the soaking process helps soften it. The normal soaking time for brown rice is around 25 to 30 minutes. After the soaking process, cook the brown rice just as you would have cooked white rice. If you are cooking brown rice for the first time, keep the soaking time at 30 minutes. You can taste the cooked brown rice and make fine changes to the soaking time based on your taste. A few trials is all it takes to arrive at the perfect soaking time and you will soon be an expert at this.

Brown Rice, Nutrition Benefits
brown rice nutrition
We have compiled a detailed and interesting report that covers the nutritional benefits of eating brown rice. Suggestions and tips have also been provided for those of you who are cooking or eating brown rice for the first time. You will also fine useful comparative information between brown rice and white rice, and advice on buying and storing brown rice. click for the report .

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