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Green Chicken Curry, Thai

Kaeng Khio Wan Kai, Thai Food Dish

Thai chicken curry, kaeng khio waan green chicken curry recipe
This Kaeng Khio Waan curry can be made with chicken (kai) or fish (look chin pla), or even beef (neua woo-a). We would suggest that you make this green curry recipe, with the ingredients mentioned below for the first time. You can subsequently cook the same Thai food dish by using other options for the chicken.

Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe. How To Make Kaeng Khio Waan
Chicken is used in many Thai food recipes, it is called 'kai' in the Thai language. This Thai green chicken curry recipe, will help you make one of the most prominent chicken curries in Asia. The green chicken curry is also known as, kaeng khio waan kai in Thailand. Kaeng is the word for curry, Khio refers to the green color and Waan means sweet. The word 'kai' added to the name means that, chicken is added to the green curry. You might come across another Thai green curry recipe that is very similar to this one but, uses beef instead of chicken. Once you have perfected the way to make this Thai green chicken curry dish, try your hand at replacing the main ingredient (chicken) with beef. Read the list of ingredients for the green chicken curry very carefully, pay special attention to the type of egg plant that you need to use. There are different types of egg plants, but not all can be used for making the Thai green chicken curry.

If you will be preparing this green chicken curry Thai dish along with other dishes for your meal, consider reducing the proportions of all ingredients shown below. This will ensure that you do not make too much Kaeng Khio Waan, which is the Thai name for this green chicken curry. There is a Green Curry Paste to be prepared for making this chicken curry. You can moderate the hotness of your Thai green chicken curry recipe by, reducing the chillies in the Green Curry Paste. The other option would be to reduce the quantity of Green Curry Paste that, you add to your Thai chicken curry. You could buy the green curry paste as a readymade pack, we have provided a recipe for making the green curry paste below.

  Chicken meat   300 grams (10 ounces).
  Green curry paste (recipe below)   3 Tablespoons
  Egg plant (1), round pea sized (explained below)   1/3 Cup
  Egg plant (2), cut into small pieces (explained below)   1/2 Cup
  Coconut cream   1 Cup
  Coconut milk   1.5 Cups
  Sweet Basil   1/4 Cup
  Kafir Lime Leaves (optional)   1 or 2 leaves
  Brown Sugar (White sugar if not avaialble)   1 Tablespoon
  Fish Sauce   1.5 Tablespoons
  Cooking Oil   1 Tablespoon
  Spur Red Chilli (For garnishing)   1 Chilli

Suitable for 3-4 persons


  1. Preparing The Chicken: This is one the of the main ingredients of your Thai green chicken curry. Once you have tried making this green curry with chicken, try using fish or beef instead of chicken the next time. For now, cut the chicken into thin long slices. Add half a teaspoon of salt to it. If you have reduced the proportions of all ingredients in your green chicken curry, remember to cut down on the salt too. Pour the oil in a pan and heat for a few minutes, then drop the chicken pieces into the oil. Stir and move around the pieces until dry. We will now move ahead to process the other ingredients of your Thai green chicken curry, keep the fried chicken pieces aside.

  2. The Frying Process: One of the ingredients that is very important, to give the right flavour to your Thai chicken curry recipe is the green curry paste. Some Thai food recipes refer to this as green chilli paste, some might even use the name 'Kaeng Khio Waan chilli paste'. We have provided the recipe for the green curry paste below. Slight variations could exist but, this is the most tried and tested recipe for the green curry paste. You could ofcourse buy some ready made green curry paste from your grocery stores. Continuing with the cooking of the Thai green chicken curry, add a teaspoon of oil to a pan and place on medium heat. Put the green curry paste into the heating oil, wait a moment until you can smell the rich aroma of the curry paste. Then, lower the heat and add in the coconut cream to the green curry paste. It is important to add the coconut cream a little at a time. Remember that, the heat is still on but at a low level. Keep stirring the coconut cream as you add it into the pan. To get an authentic taste for your chicken green curry, you should know exactly when to turn off the heat when cooking the green curry paste and the coconut cream. Look for an oily sheen that starts to develop in the pan. When you see this happen, it is time to add the remaining ingredients of the green chicken curry. Move on to the next step of making your green curry.

  3. Adding More Ingredients: Not all the remaining ingredients from your Thai chicken curry recipe, will be added into the pan that is still heating (at low heat). The red spur chillies will be held back until the end. Start off with the chicken that we had fried and kept aside, add it to the pan. Tear the Kaffir lime leaves into small pieces and put them into the pan too. Now add the coconut milk, sugar and fish sauce. As the contents in the pan start to boil, add the eggplant to the pan. You now have all the major ingredients of the green chicken curry in the pan, keep checking to see if the chicken pieces are sufficiently cooked. When you find that the pieces are sufficiently cooked, add the sweet basil and turn off the heat under the pan.

  4. Almost Ready: Prepare a clean serving dish and tilt the green chicken curry out of the cooking pan. Split the red spur chillies (if not already done) and toss them gently over the ready dish. Since the chillies are used to merely garnish the chicken curry, you can limit the quantity of chillies used. The Thais normally eat their green chicken curry with, steamed rice. They love their food to be hot and spicey, very small quantities of rice are consumed with substantial amounts of this chicken curry. You can control the degree of hotness by tasting small portions of your Thai curry, with each helping of rice. If this is your first attempt at eating Thai food, keep a glass of water with plenty of ice cubes nearby.

  5. coconut milk, coconut cream ingredients for the Thai green chicken curry.
    You should know that coconut milk and coconut cream are not the same. Your grocer will normally stock these as separate items. click   here for full details, and recipes to make coconut milk and cream.

    Green Curry Paste Recipe
    The green curry paste is given a few other names, Nam Phrik Kaeng Khio Wan and green chilli paste are some of these. You might find a few other Thai recipes that use the same green curry paste but, the green chicken curry is the most popular Thai curry recipe that uses this paste. Here is a recipe for the green curry paste. To store your green curry paste, put it in an air tight container and place it in your refrigerator. You can use small portions of this each time you prepare your favourite, Thai green chicken curry. The paste should last well for around 10 days to 2 weeks if kept in the refrigerator. You could also try purchasing a ready made pack of green curry paste from your local grocer. Most Asian grocery stores stock this paste and you should follow the instructions, for storing provided on the pack.

    Ingredients For Green Curry Paste
      Coriander seeds   1 Teaspoon
      Cumin seeds   2 Teaspoons
      Black peppercorns   1 Teaspoon
      Dried shrimp paste   2 Teaspoons
      Large fresh green chillies (chop these)   8 Chillies
      French shallots (chop these)   1 Cup
      Fresh kalangal (crush or chop)   5cm Piece
      Garlic (chop these)   12 Cloves, small
      Fresh coriander leaves (chop these), include roots and leaves   1 Cup
      Kaffir lime leaves (chopped)   5 leaves
      Lemon grass, use white part only (chop finely)   3 Stems
      Lime rind (grated)   2 Teaspoons
      Salt   2 Teaspoons
      Cooking oil   2 Tablespoons

    Making The Green Curry Paste
    (1) Take a dry frying pan and place it on medium heat. Put the coriander seeds and cumin seeds in the pan, shake the pan constantly while heating for 2 to 3 minutes. Remember that this curry paste is very important for, the right flavouring of your green chicken curry. Do not keep the heat too high and do not let the seeds burn. If the seeds do get burnt black, throw them away and do this process once again with new seeds. Trying to use the burnt seeds will ruin the final taste of your Thai green chicken curry, there would then be a lot of wasted ingredients.

    (2) We will now be doing a bit of pounding or grinding. You could use a clean mortar and do it manually or, make use of a clean coffee grinder. Put the roasted cumin seeds and coriander seeds along with the peppercorns, into the mortar or grinder. Ensure that the grinder or mortar is dry and clean before starting. Grind these ingredients to a fine powder.

    (3) There is one more thing to be done with the dried shrimp paste. Wrap the shrimp paste in an aluminium foil. Place it under a hot grill for 2 to 3 minutes, turn the packet twice to ensure that the shrimp paste is heated uniformly. Some recipes do not include this process but, we have found that it adds a richer and fuller aroma to the shrimp paste.

    (4) In this step, move the roasted and ground seeds to a food processor. Add the shrimp paste and process the mixture for around 5 to 7 seconds. This is a very short time so do be careful not to over shoot the time. Now collect all the remaining ingredients and add them to the contents of the food processor. Process the complete mixture for 15 seconds, then open the lid and scrape the contents (from the sides) into the center. Process for another 15 seconds, keep repeating the scraping and processing until you have a smooth paste. This completes your green curry paste preparation. Follow the storage instructions mentioned at the beginning of this recipe. You should get about 1 cup full of green curry paste, use a little each time that you cook the Thai green chicken curry.

    Understanding Egg Plants
    There are a few types of egg plants, we have mentioned two of these in our ingredients for the Thai green chicken curry. The eggplant is also called aubergine, and infact comes from the same family as tomatoes and peppers. One of the eggplant types used in our chicken curry recipe is the, pea sized eggplants. These are a particular type of aubergines found in Thailand, they grow in bunches and each eggplant is a bit larger than a pea. You will find these as whole uncut eggplants in your Thai green chicken curry dish, with a very uniform green color. The green chicken curry recipe uses another type of eggplant too, these are around 1.5 inches in size, round in shape. You will notice that the base of these eggplants tends to be very white, while the top portion shows a greenish color shade. When using these egg plants in your Thai curry recipe, cut them into small pieces. Pieces that can be picked and eaten in one bite are the right size. The top stem portion is ofcourse not used in cooking.

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