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How To Cook Brown Rice

Cooking Brown Rice The Right Way

Cooking brown rice, how to make brown rice the right way

Is Cooking Brown Rice Different From Cooking White Rice?
Most people know how to cook white rice and cooking brown rice is not very different. In this report we cover the topic on how to cook brown rice the right way. There is no major difference between cooking brown rice and white rice, the slight difference is because of the unpolished nature of brown rice. White rice is also referred to as polish rice as it has the outer husk layer and the brownish (bran) layer removed from the seed. Brown rice on the other hand, has only the outer husk layer removed and the bran layer is retained on the seed. While the nutritional value of brown rice is attributed to this brown layer, it is also something that needs to be taken care of when cooking brown rice. We also provide a very useful point that you should check before buying or starting to cook brown rice.

Check The Packing And Expiry Dates Before Cooking Your Brown Rice
Before we start discussing about how to cook brown rice, we would like to mention one important thing. Brown rice can get a stale and rancid flavour much faster than white rice. When buying brown rice make sure that the date of packaging on the packet is no more than 2-3 months from the current date. Also make sure that the expiry date is at least 6 months after the current date. If you open a bag of brown rice, tightly seal the bag with the remaining (uncooked) brown rice and refrigerate it. The rice stored in this condition will stay good for around 5-6 months. If left outside at room temperature, brown rice could get a stale smell and flavour within 3-4 months. This is something that you should check before cooking the brown rice. The reason for brown rice getting the rancid flavour is because of the natural oils in the bran (brown) layer becoming stale.

Brown Rice, Cooking The Right Way
In the above paragraph we have mentioned an important point about how long brown rice can be stored for. So before starting cooking brown rice make sure that the rice is not stale as, you could end up getting a pungent or rancid flavour for the rice once it is cooked. The proportion of water added to the rice is 2:1 which means that 2 cups of water need to be added for 1 cup of brown rice. This water proportion remains the same for cooking brown rice or white rice. The next important thing about making brown rice is to understand how the bran layer affects the cooking process for your brown rice. It is necessary that the bran (brown) layer on the brown rice is 'softened'. This is done by soaking the brown rice in the water before it is cooked, the soaking time needs to be 25-30 minutes. If you want to know how to cook brown rice the right way, do not exclude or hurry the soaking time. Cooking brown rice without this soaking process will make the cooked rice seeds very stiff and almost inedible.

How To Cook Brown Rice, Additional Tips
If you are cooking brown rice for the first time, follow the above instructions. Then, taste the cooked rice and decide whether it matches your taste preference. Cooked brown rice has a full nut like feeling when eaten and the individual rice grains have a good consistency and remain separate. If you would like to have the rice much softer, increase the soaking time of the rice before cooking. On the other hand, if you find the rice to be too soft reduce the soaking time and make sure that the water is in the 2:1 ratio for. This means two parts of water for one part of brown rice.

Nutritional Value And Health Benefits Of Brown Rice
In this section we have provided information about how to cook brown rice and also explained the important difference between cooking brown rice and white rice. We have also explained that the bran layer on the rice seed needs to be considered when making brown rice. People all over the world are moving to a brown rice diet because of the many health benefits that brown rice is supposed to bring. We have prepared a complete report on the health benefits of brown rice and urge you to read it by clicking here .

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