Collection Of All Thai Papaya Salad Recipes

Thai papaya salad is one of the most popular Thai food dishes and is called 'somtam' in the Thai language. There are a few variations in the Thai papaya salad prepared in Thailand and we will be including the most popular varieties of this salad on our website. As the name would suggest, papaya is one of the main ingredients of the Thai papaya salad. The best papaya salad would be made with, fresh green papayas that are firm with a polished glossy look on the skin. The skin is used to select the ideal papayas for making the salad, but the skin itself does not go into the green papaya salad as it is taken off during the making process.

Traditionally, the jar used to make papaya salad is cut out from solid rock and a wooden pestle is used to crush the ingredients in the jar. There is a subdued thud each time the pestle is hit into the jar to crush the papaya and other ingredients. This sound has probably prompted many foreigners to refer to papaya salad or somtam as 'papaya-puck-puck'!

All types of Thai papaya salad go well with sticky rice and even with grilled chicken. It is often served with a piece of raw cabbage and a few pieces of raw long beans. The cabbage and long beans are placed on a small saucer with a piece of ice. The ice is probably meant to cool the stomach as the Thais love their somtam to be very hot.

Papaya salad, Thailand Papaya Salad: Recipe I (Somtum Thai) Non Vegetarian.
This is the most popular version of the Thai green papaya salad and is also called Somtum Thai. This is also the most basic form of the papaya salad made in Thailand and all the other variations are based on this recipe. The Thais love their somtum hot and spicy, but if you are trying your first attempt at this delicious Thai dish, go low on the chillies. For those of you who do not like the strong pungent smell of garlic, reduce the quantity of garlic when making the papaya salad. Click here for the complete recipe .

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