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Satay Sauce

Satay Sauce Recipe, Make Thai Satay Peanut Sauce  

Satay sauce is a side dish and is served along with satay. The tremendous popularity of Satay, which was voted as one of the most popular food dishes in the world (2010) has obviously boosted the popularity of satay sauce as well. The recipe for Thai satay sauce includes peanuts, it is therefore sometimes referred to as peanut satay sauce. Just keep in mind that both names refer to the same dish. One important thing to understand is that, there are two side dishes normally served along with beef or chicken satay - one is the satay sauce and the other is cucumber relish. Both these dishes are different and cucumber relish is also fairly easy to make. Thai food lovers often request for easy satay sauce recipes, the fact is that the recipe to make thai satay peanut sauce is fairly easy. We will take you through the steps, so let us begin talking about the ingredients in this popular Thai food dish.

satay sauce how to make thai satay peanut sauce, easy recipe
The above image shows a piece of satay, dipped in satay sauce. Thai satay peanut sauce has a fine thick consistency. The recipe to make satay sauce is quite easy, and is clearly explained in this section.

One of the ingredients for Satay peanut sauce is red curry paste. Most Asian food stores would carry readymade packets or sachets of this curry paste. If you do not care much for readymade food stuffs or cannot find red curry paste, you can access our recipe to make it here. The list of ingredients used to make your satay sauce also includes coconut milk and coconut cream. This once again, can be purchased from most Asian grocery stores. You could also make your own coconut milk by using fresh coconut, dessicated cococnut or even readymade dry coconut powder. If you are not familiar with making coconut milk or do not know which option to choose, check out our report here.

Ingredients To Make Satay Sauce

1/4 cup red curry paste (can adjust as per your liking)
2 cups coconut milk
1/4 cup coconut cream
1/2 cup roasted and ground peanuts
1/4 cup sugar (can adjust as per your liking)
1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup tamarind juice

As you will notice from the ingredients for this Thai sauce, the recipe to make satay sauce with peanuts is going to be quite easy and simple. The first step to make your satay sauce would be to ensure that the peanuts are roasted and ground. We would like to mention here that the just how fine or rough, the peanuts are ground can differ from cook to cook. Make sure that the powder is not very fine at the same time, you do not want to see chunks of peanuts in your satay sauce.

Having ground the roasted peanuts, transfer the contents to a medium sized bowl. To this add the red curry paste and mix well together. While professional Thai cooks do the mixing with their bare hands, the chillies could be painful on delicate skin. You might want to use a thick spoon or wooden pastel to help you mix the peanut powder with the curry paste. Notice that we have no chillies mentioned as ingredients for the thai satay sauce, the chillies in the red curry paste will suffice. You could therefore moderate the 'heat' (chilli flavor) in your peanut satay sauce, by adjusting the proportion of red curry paste used.

Let us now clarify a few things related to coconut milk and coconut cream, both of which are used in the satay sauce recipe. While both these ingredients are made from coconut, there is a difference in the consistency. Coconut milk is almost like the dairy milk used at home, it can be poured. On the other hand, coconut cream is a lot thicker and can be scooped up with a spoon. Make sure that you understand the difference because, the Thai satay peanut sauce uses both milk and cream for different reasons. If you are not familiar with making coconut milk and cream and need more information, check out our report here.

Start with the coconut cream, put it in a small frying pan and heat it until you see the oil rising to the surface. The oil comes from the oil conent in the coconut cream. At this point, put in the peanut powder and the red curry paste, keep stirring and mixing the mixture. Once you see that the peanut poweder and the curry paste has mixed well into the heated coconut cream, slow down the heat under the frying pan. You should now add all the coconut milk into the pan, keep stirring while you are doing this.

With the mixture still on low heat, put in the sugar and the tamarind juice. Just remember to add as much salt as you like. There is no need to add all the salt that you kept aside for this satay sauce recipe into the mixture. You will now see that the mixture has thickened it's texture. This means that your satay peanut sauce is ready. Use a spoon and scoop the contents out of the pan and into a small bowl. Relish it with freshly made Thai satay, congragulate yourself on preparing a very popular Thai food dish.

How To Make Thai Satay, Recipe For Thai Meat Satay

We have compiled the recipe Thai satay in an easy to understand form. Thai satay sauce is best eaten with freshly made Thai satay, and you can now make Thai satay and the satay peanut sauce in the comfort of your home. Check out the detailed recipe here.


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