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Spring Roll, Thai Food

How To Make Thai Spring Rolls

spring roll thai, recipe and tips for making thai spring rolls

Spring Roll (Pop-Piah)
Thai spring rolls are a very popular thai food dish among Thais and foreigners. A spring roll is made of a thin outer wrapping that is filled with a certain type of noodles. The other ingredients that are mixed along with the noodles vary according to taste preference. The wrapped spring roll is then deep fried to a golden brown color. On this page we explain in detail how to make Thai spring rolls and have also included useful tips and suggestions.


Spring Roll Sheets
Mungbean Noodles
Ground Pork
Shredded Cabbage
Shredded Carrot
Dried Mushrooms (soaked)
Black Pepper Powder
Light Soy Sauce
Chopped Garlic
Cooking Oil
Wheat Flour

about 300 grams (10 oz)
100 grams (3.3 oz)
250 grams (8.3 oz)
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
1/3 cup
1/2 table spoon
1 table spoon
2 tea spoons
1 table spoon
2 to 3 cups
2 table spoons

Suitable for 4-5 persons


  1. Soaking the dried mushrooms: Dried mushrooms are readily available in most supermarkets. The mushrooms need to be soaked in water to make them soft and they will expand in size in the process. You will need around 3 to 4 of these dried mushrooms to make up the required quantity of 1/3 cup. Soak the mushrooms for around 2 to 3 hours in clean water and cut them to small pieces of around 1cm in length (when they are soft enough to cut). Keep the remaining dried mushrooms tightly sealed and make sure that they do not get wet when handling. Do not cut the mushroom pieces very big as your spring rolls should have a mixed flavour of all ingredients and no single ingredient should dominate.

  2. Getting the mungbean noodles ready: Mungbean noodles are called wun sen in Thai and are made from mung bean flour. These thread like noodles are white in color and are sold in a dry condition. The noodles are an important ingredient of the spring roll and you should make sure that they are mung bean noodles and not rice noodles. Moong bean noodles will appear transparent after they soak in water, and are also called moong bean vermecelli. Break the noodles into pieces of around 3 to 4 cm and place in a bowl, then pour hot boiling water over them, the water should be enough to cover the noodles. Cover the bowl with a lid and keep it that way for 3 to 4 minutes or until they get soft. The mung bean noodles will appear transparent when fully soaked, now drain the water completely off the soaked noodles. Keep the noodles in a dish as you will soon be needing them for your spring roll recipe.

  3. About the spring roll wrappers: Spring roll wrappers are available as paper thin sheets and are sold as fresh sheets or frozen. If you are making your Thai spring rolls with frozen wrappers, defrost them before using. There is one very important thing that you should remember regarding spring roll wrappers, they will dry easily and this could affect the taste of the spring rolls even after they are fried. To stop this from happening, place the wrappers on a moist kitchen towel and always keep them covered with one portion of the towel. Remember this after you have rolled up your spring rolls too (before frying them). If you plan to roll up the spring rolls and then wait for a while before frying them, keep the rolls under a moist towel too.

  4. Using the wheat flour: In the above ingredients list for making the Thai spring roll, you will notice that the last ingredient is wheat flour. This is required for a very specific purpose and that is to form a paste that will help 'stick' the spring roll wrapper together, once the filling is put inside the wrapper. If this is not done, the wrapper would open up in the hot oil and spill out the contents. To make the paste, take 1/4 cup of water at room temperature in a vessel and put the wheat flour into it, with the help of a spoon mix the wheat flour as well as you can and press out any lumps that are formed. Now, put the vessel on a very low flame and stir the contents for around 3 minutes. This is the paste that you will use to bind your Thai spring rolls and ensure that the contents remain inside the wrapper when fried.

  5. Cooking the ingredients: Put the frying pan on a medium flame and add 1 tablespoon of oil to it. Now add the finely chopped garlic to the oil and fry for around half a minute. Then, add the shredded pork to the garlic in the pan and fry for another 5 minutes. Use a fork or a wooden spoon to stir the contents in the pan and also press and break up any lumps that could be formed. Now add the shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, mushrooms, noodles and black pepper powder to the frying pan and stir well. The light soy sauce and pepper powder should also be added at the same time. Cook for a minute or two and then take the pan off the flame, allow the mixture to cool and this will form the inside 'stuffing' for your Thai spring rolls.

  6. Rolling up the spring rolls: You now have the spring roll stuffing ready and cooked, the wheat flour paste that will be used to stick the spring roll wrapper is also ready to use. Now, take another moist kitchen towel and place it on the table, pick one of the wrappers and place on this moist towel. Check to make sure that the wheat flour paste has cooled down sufficiently to touch. Dip your finger in the wheat flour paste and apply it lightly to all the edges of the wrapper. Now pick one tablespoon of the stuffing and place it on the spring roll wrapper, shape the filling like a sausage in the center of the wrapper. Fold the edges towards the center and neatly but firmly roll up the spring roll, fold the side edges in too and use a little more wheat flour paste if necessary to make a compact spring roll. The inside filling should not show up through any openings in the wrapped and stuck spring roll. Move on to read the next step if you intend to put the spring rolls immediately in the frying pan to deep fry them. If you will not be frying them immediately, remember to place them under a moist towel and take them out just before frying.

  7. Frying the Thai spring rolls: Keep the frying pan on a medium flame and pour the 3 cups of oil that we had kept aside for frying the spring rolls. Let the oil heat before putting the spring roll in it, you can check if the oil is hot enough by putting a small piece of spring roll wrapper into the hot oil. If the oil is hot enough the piece of wrapper will immediately make the oil around it sizzle. Fry around 3 to 4 spring rolls at a time, take off from the oil using a large spoon or tongs when the Thai spring rolls become a golden brown color. Place the fried spring rolls on a paper towel to allow the excess oil to be absorbed by the towel. The spring roll should now be served immediately with a dipping sauce to add flavour.

  8. Additional Tips
    In the above recipe for Thai spring rolls we have used ground pork as one of the main ingredients. Variations of the spring roll recipe can also be made by using, minced chicken or minced crab meat instead of the pork. You could also try combining two of these like, minced chicken and minced crab meat when making spring rolls. Remember to reduce the quantity of each of them inorder to keep proportion with the rest of the ingredients. This would mean that, your spring roll ingredients would have 250 grams of combined minced chicken and crab meat.

    Dried mushrooms are used in spring roll recipes as they have a more composed feel even after being soaked and cooked. However, you could also try using fresh mushrooms in case of difficult in finding dried mushrooms.

    Recipe For Dipping Sauce
    Traditionally Thai spring rolls are eaten along with a dipping sauce. The sauce adds a delicious flavour to the spring rolls and is neither very spicey nor pungent. We present here, the most popular spring roll dipping sauce recipe and suggest that you do not leave out the dipping sauce when eating spring rolls.

    dipping sauce recipe for thai spring rolls

    1/4 cup vinegar
    1/4 cup water
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 fresh red chilli
    1 tablespoon tapioca powder

    Procedure: First of all take the chilli and grind it well. It should disintegrate into very small pieces and not be ground to a smooth paste, now keep the ground chilli aside. Next, take an empty cup and put two tablespoons of water in it, add the tapioca powder to this water and mix it well.

    Add 1/4 cup water to a pan and then add the sugar, ground chilli, salt and vinegar, mix all the ingredients well. Now put the pan on a low flame and allow the mixture to boil. As the mixture starts boiling add the tapioca water into the mixture and stir well. Allow the mixture to boil for around 30 seconds more, then turn off the flame. Your dipping sauce is now ready and should be allowed to cool to room temperature.

    Eating Your Thai Spring Rolls
    Spring rolls are normally eaten a few minutes after being taken off the frying pan. Keeping your fried Thai spring rolls for a long while makes them saggy and stale. However, you need to beware that a spring roll freshly taken out of the frying pan can be very hot. The heat remains trapped inside the spring roll for upto 3 to 5 minutes even though the outside covering seems to have cooled down sufficiently. When feeding children with fried spring rolls, cut the spring roll into half as this allows the trapped heat and steam to escape quickly. Make sure that the spring roll has reached a safe temperature before allowing the children to touch them.

    The best way to eat Thai spring rolls is to cut them horizontally into half, make sure that they are not too hot to eat. Then pick one half of the spring roll on a fork, dip one corner of the spring roll in the dipping sauce and put the piece in your mouth. The dipping sauce is used sparingly and there is no need to soak the entire spring roll in it.

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